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Does anyone have an easy, but effective, hopper pattern for western Montana? I am heading there in a couple of weeks and wanted to tie a few before I go.


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for any of the freestones...foamy chernobyl type stuff with rubberlegs work really good in all colors and sizes #4-12...for tailwaters and spring creeks i like more natural looking patterns like stalcups, daves, and rainy's in sizes #6-12...go to any of the major fly vendor sites (montana fly, rainy's, solitude) and look for a pattern you can tie quickly and effectively...then tie a lot of them ( i tend to lose a lot of hoppers tryin to stick um tight to the undercuts and bushes)


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Those hopper cutters are the sh!t! I'm waiting to get my tying room set back up, after relinquishing it to become the baby's nursery, to buy that set. A lot of extra work was done with the foam to get it to look that good, but I have seen some that were just cut out and put together and they still make pimp ass hopper patterns!


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Klod hopper (yes its spelled with a K) its easy to tie is basically a cross between a daves hopper and a foam hopper I've had grat success in Colorado with it.


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Thats the guy I was looking for earlier, the Klod Hopper also did very well in Yellowstone in both yellow and Tan. I used white legs on mine, but I colored the tips or feet red with a sharpie.


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tie a lot of them ( i tend to lose a lot of hoppers tryin to stick um tight to the undercuts and bushes)
At least for the deer hair head hoppers, you can always do the Whitlock trick and Zap-a-Gap a sprig of Mason hard nylon into the bottom of the head to work as a weed guard. I imagine you could poke a small hole in the foam and do the same thing.


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One thing to keep in mind when tying some of the foam patterns is that if you tie them in smaller sizes 14-18, make sure not to make too many or too tight of thread wraps around the foam. I found that in the smaller sizes if I tightened the thread too tight or used too many wraps than it decreased the floatability of the foam and I had to continually dress them with floatant. However, I also found that trout like sunken hoppers nearly as much as ones floating on the surface. Also, if you only tie a couple colors (yellow and tan) it helps to have a couple markers with you to "match the hatch." The prismacolor markers in light green, dark green and brown came in very handy.

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