flip fins vs force fins throwdown


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gbeeman/all ...Me vote is for Force: lighter, faster, etc. If I try to walk in them I fall down. So now you tell me. Zene
Fast forward 1 1/2 years later.
Are the conclusions still the same?
Do all you who have Force Fins and have answered the earlier posts, tried the Omega Flip Fins?
Did you change your minds?
I'm like Mumbles. Sold the Force, kept the Flip.

Ed Call

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Mojo, you are in strange company! I recently told SteveO2 that I preferred my Omega Navigators over the Force Fins, but I still had both and from time to time try the force fins. I think the force fins are fine for float tubing, but in the solo craft I just feel like I have better power and control with the flip fins from Omega. I also told him that if you asked 100 people, 2 would vote Flip Fins and the other 98 would go with Force Fins. I guess I know who the other guy is now! My conclusion is still the same.
mojo, i got my flip fins yesterday and the first thing i did while checking them out was pinched my fingers in them. i already have force fins and love them, so i cant wait to try the flip fins . i bought the flip fins to use in the river on my scadden assault. i have yet to use the flip fins , but the first thing i noticed was how much easier the flip fins are to get on and off compared to the force fins.
You'll find that they're pretty stiff to the first couple times you take them out. If they're up in the walking position and you get in the water it's a bitch at first to kick them down. They'll break in and get easier. I just launch and put them on in the kicking position. I have size 13 boots and with the Force Fins there wasn't a whole lot of rubber fin in the water compared to the Flips. In my kickboats I use only breathable bootfoot hippers. Easy to get the Flips on. The Force Fins I had were adjustable and a PIA to get on. I had to put them on before I launched.
The Flips are different than the Force Fins. They're longer and you find yourself kicking a little different than with the Force. I find myself going faster with the Omega's. I think they're quite a bit lighter too (comparing them to the adjustable Force Fins)

Gregg Lundgren

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Mojo mentioned his size 13 boots, and how it didn't leave a whole lot of rubber fin in the water with the Force Fins compared to the Flips. Well, size 15 booties here with non-adjustable Force Fins. I don't know if having your toes extend-out to the logo affects Force Fin performance. It's a possiblilty I guess. How would one know? Can't change the length of your feet to test it!

I have never tried both types of fins to compare. So, I'll keep an open mind on the subject.

Having more power with those longer Flip fins might be nice in high water flows. In skinny water, I think the shorter upturned Force Fins might save one from sticking a fin though. At least for me, a relative rookie in moving water with my WaterMaster.

Mumbles has a pair of each! Hmmm. Perhaps that's the ticket.:thumb:


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I've never tried the Omega flip fins. I never had a need too, since I've been so satisfied with my Force Fins. They've been all I really needed, so why fix something that isn't broken?

Ed Call

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I have both, and use both. Love BOTH.
Blue, you are one of a small number, I think. Everybody loves their force fins more than life itself but can't say they've tried the flip fins. I tried non adjustable force fins and they killed my feet. I then got the adjustables, and found them heavy and adequate for propulsion. They were tough to get just right over my boots. When I saw a deal for the flip fins I bought them figuring at worse one of the sets of fins would be on the market. Let's just say that I sold the regular force fins. I have kept adjustable force fins because they are okay for float tube use. For solo boating my preference is the omega navigator flip fins. Most everyone else's mileage may vary and I could be one of a small number on the other side. Glad that you and Mojo like them, makes me feel a tad bit less crazy, or that you two are crazy too!


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Mojo hated having to re adjust the FF for Bootfoot Hippers then for Wading Boots. It is a pain. The Omega's are like slippers. Stick foot in, pull heel strap up, tighten, good to go. But I prefer the FF for shallower water and although they are heavy, they are easier on my ankles. I like the Omega's on my X5 so I can stand when want. I can stand in the FF but the nubbies on the bottom and that aluminum deck get slippery.
I use Force Fin's adjustable fins and absolutely love them fishing from an Outcast Fat Cat DLX float tube. I had originally been given a pair of Outcast's "Boot Fins" which were absolute crap. Then upgraded to a pair of Pro-tec's force fin knock offs which weighed about 2.5 times as much as the Force's and blew up on the 10th use, which got me into a pair of Force Fins and I haven't looked back since.

Now, when it comes to walking around in any fins when submerged, it is usually a guarantee'd trip to the 'look like an idiot' show... at least for me (haha..).

I'm upgrading to a Watermaster Kodiak, and am looking forward to using the fins in stillwater scenarios, but will use them more for working shorelines/fighting the wind while fishing and will rely on the oar system for actual 'moving around', but just couldn't imagine wearing the fins (or any fins) in a moving River with the Water master.

Ed Call

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Andy, last summer a few friends and I fished stretches of the Yakima and rarely touched the oars after launching. Fins will work well in many moving waters, especially those you have learned well. I know that forum member Rick Todd uses his fins almost all the time in moving water. Enjoy the boat!

Brian Miller

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For stillwater I use (original) Force Fins I've had for at least 11 years over pretty substantial Seasoft Stealth neoprene dive boots

For rivers I use the Water Master boot fins which are very easy to get on and off of my wading boots. They are real similar to my Outcast boot fins but my WM fins have studded felt soles under the footbeds so I put the nice Outcast tethers on the WM fins. They steer and slow me pretty effectively in easy water so I don't have to use oars. Unfortunately I don't think the WM strap attachment to the fins will hold up as well as the Outcast. Why don't you like the Outcast fins?

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