flip fins vs force fins throwdown


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I have tried to read each and every reply here. When I first tried the Omega's, I was ready to sell them and go back to my Force Fins. There is a lot of fin there. I tried kicking in the same manner I have been for years. Like with the Outcast fins, a scoop kick. Well, over kill with the Omega's. Seriously, do not try to power the Omegas the same you would with FF. I also found I can move on both the up and down stroke...can't do that with the FF. Flutter for feet up and down like a swimmer. You will move with less effort. The Force Fins work GREAT when there are 3 to 4 foot swells or the sky is lighting up, and you are frantically trying to get off the water.
I DO have BOTH and love them both. Now, if I was only allowed ONE pair.....it would be with out a doubt, the Omega's, because they can d so much more with little effort.

Chris, I am betting you will not fall in love with the flips right out of the gate, but give then a few trips...then try the FF again.

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