7/12 N sound report

Dave Boyle

Active Member
Sorry for a bit of a late report but somethin's better than nuthin. Skipped off work early afternoon to fish a Seattle area beach to take advantage of an incoming tide and the cloudy day to see if I could rustle up a cutt or two before picking up the kids from d/c. An olive/white clouser didn't do a thing. Changed over to pink and white and 5 mins later took in a nice silver in the 3 lb range. Typical sound silver fight, a strong confident take,lots of splash/roll on the surface, got in around my legs with no real runs. A beautfiul fat fish, hook in the corner of the mouth, no sea lice and it shot off upon release. Fished on an had a good take and saw a huge flash of yellow... thought I'd hooked the moether of all SRCs only to see the mother of all sculpins as I dragged in the next pull of line, [email protected]#$%^!! A good 10+ inches with massive yellow pectorals. Still exciting for a second and a lot better than nothing...


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