Pattern Rookie mod: the chironomid nymph

ok i am new at this so let me know what ya think.... might be a freaking christmas special?....not for the time of year of course, but the colors. lol

but i didn't use a "this is what ya do to make it guide" normally i have to use those the 1st or 2nd time when i make them

the smidgen of blue tinge was from the glue....... thought it was more clear?....will buy some new if it don't dry clear

i also think taking photos of them and looking at them in diff angles helps.... like the lower wrap of the red wire.... not tight enough..... didn't notice that before.

uploading photos now. i will keep trying harder. also using a background for photos will help i will remember that if i do it again.

Ed Call

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No reason to think that can't be presented in cooler lakes now at depth with better than you might think results. Looks tasty to me.

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