Could use some help formulating a plan


*splash* *splash* *splash*, I need a life vest
Last year, guided salmon fishing wasn't the most awesome thing in the world. So this year just going to take my wife on a simple 4 day hike/camp/fishing trip.

I was thinking the alpine lakes wilderness as my brother should be about there at that time (He's doin the pacific crest trail), so sticking near that trail would be a plus.

I don't know the area, don't know what to expect except from reading books and looking at maps.

Any kind of help would be appreciated (up to and including "so and so lake is where it's at", "I did a 2 day trip and this was where I went, worked out nicely", [added]"so you're not leaving a car at a trailhead for a few days, look into doing this").

Are you going to have waders, fins, and a float tube? How long of a hike and how strenuous? We just did a nice 5 miler with a nice gradual incline but well worth it. Pm me and I'll tell you the details with pictures. Fish everywhere and quite a few in the 14 inch range. Matt