13, 14 15 weight line and rods

Matt Burke

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So where do you get these lines and rods? I just want the line to make shooting heads out of in an effort to break more spey rods. Want to see what I can do with 500 and 600 grain floating and intermediate shooting heads. They don't seem to be available commercially. I can get them as Tungsten dredgers, but with 6 and 8 i.p.s. sink rate, I can only fish the deeper water. I know this is strange, but you know me, always making these fly rods do tricks they are not supposed to do.


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Rob Blomquist

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Basically these lines are for blue water fishing for swordfish, tuna, and the like.

I have seen the rods commercially available in San Diego, and I think that the lines used are mostly fast sinking, as the flies are cast while the boat is moving quite fast, and the fly needs to get down for the fish to see it.

Try http://www.bluewaterflyfishing.com/ to see the lines that blue water anglers use.



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Well most 14 and above singlehand rods are used either for teased up billfish, or sight casting to sharks, or blind casting and soaking flies deep for tuna. Generally folks are using 600 to 850 grain deepwater express type heads or one piece teeny/depthcharge style lines. Even with poppers. The billfish and shark fishing is 20 to 35 foot casts to teased or chummed up fish almost all of the time and it's all about turning over massive flies and then having skinny lines with low water resistance when the fish runs. Fast sinkers do that better than floaters, so floaters are either way scarce or non-existent. My 14 weight 8 foot 9 inch scott heli-ply will throw 90 foot casts easily with a 600 grain rio deepsea so I really doubt you need a shooting head with that many grains for overhead casting even with an 11 weight 14 or 15 foot rod... My very stiff 9126-3 sage works great with a longbelly ten or 40 foot 11 weight shooting heads. What are you going to throw these lines on?


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One floating line in that class that is commercially available is the SA Mastery Billfish line. It loads my 14 weight pretty well and is in the intermediate / floating class, not a sinktip. You can get it in almost any catalog.


Bob Triggs

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I seem to remember Steve Abel talking about this one time. maybe there is something on his webpage at Abel Reels. He may have rods in that weight range.Along with line recommendations, if not his own lines. Have you tried the linemakers sites? There is a remarkable fishing nut named Nick Curccione, he was from the Bronx NY but ended up in southern Calif for a while. I think he is back east again now. He was a blue water fly fishing nut. Maybe do a search on some of the saltwater fly fishing sites, magazines etc. I bet you find a ton of information on lines and rods.

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