Like Norm said, try your local fly shop first. They usually have more than enough in the way of supplies to get you started. And they know what's working on your local water. Prices are generally good on the tying supplies, but even if they're a little higher you're paying for help/information/answers too. As for vises(rotary or not, up to you); ebay used to be a great place to buy them, but you might want to try your local craigslist or even the classifieds here if you can't find the one you want in the shop.

If you don't have access to a nearby flyshop; youtube has a ton of videos too. Or if you'd rather read along there are a lot of books out there from classic patterns to how to tie X pattern for Y river during Z month.

I'm sorry though, you wont save a dime tying your own flies. And probably spend a lot more than just buying flies....