A little cruising on the Icicle

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Thought you guys might like an Icicle update, so here `tis...Don, David and I went up yesterday for a few hours of "trout fix". Temps are 60 in the upper portion above French Creek, and rising to 64 in the evening in the lower river below 8 mile campground. Plenty of trout, mostly 6-8 inches, and most rising to stimmies in orange or green, and caddis. The cutts seem to favor the green. Took my nephew Christian up on Monday evening for his first outing with a fly rod, and he brought two to net, and had what I think was a `Bow break him off in faster water. The fish bounced out once before the tippet snapped, and it looked to be about 12-14 inches. Those were his first fish on the fly, and I do believe he's "hooked"!

If you have a mountain bike, park at the end of the road and ride up past the slide-plenty of neat-looking places to wet a line. The water's clean and very wadeable. Air temps in the upper canyon were in the mid 80's yesterday. As an added bonus, there's tons of huckleberries and mtn. blueberries all over. Take an extra bottle, and turn `em into jam!