Lost Rod and Reel


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Yes, it was stupid, but I left my favorite 6wt Loomis and Ross reel at the trailhead for the SF of the Hoh last Friday. No fish, then leave the rod, at least I didn't fall in. If you've seen the rod, or heard about it, please let me know. I'm offering a $100 reward to the finder.



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I would post this on the three major Washington State gear fishing sites as well.
PiscatorialPursuits.com, Gamefishin.com and Steelheader.net
Perhaps a member of one of those boards may have found it.

I'd also call the ranger station to see if anyone may have turned it in.
I found a 10 wt set-up there years ago and the owner picked it up at the ranger station.


Fishing 135 days/year
Jimmy, I went back and looked where I'd left it, it wasn't there. I left a note on the board at the trail head

Stonefish, I've talked to the forest service and the park service, but I didn't think of the other sites you mention. I'll post there now. Thanks much

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