Spey Clave

Better late than never....

There will be a Spey Clave sponsored by River Run Anglers on Saturday September 20.
The Clave will be across the footbridge at MacDonald Park in Carnation, WA from 10AM-3pm
Come and cast the new rods and lines you are dreaming of and partake of instruction from Aaron Reimer and Jack Cook.


Jack, River Run Anglers

Bob Triggs

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Jack, are you serious? The Northwest Fly Casting Expo is the same day, Saturday sept 20th. In Port Orchard. That's the big annual fundraiser for the Washington Council of the FFF. Might be a conflict of participation. I know I want to do both but Im committed to the FFF event now. Might be others in same position.
Alpinetrout and I ended up at the Spey Clave on Saturday, it was good times! Got to play with a few spey combinations, now that I have a tentative grasp (yeah right) on the double handed thingy. Aaron and Jack were showing people how to spey cast, and if you wanted any inspiration, watching Brian through insane amounts of line with any rod he picked up was a pleasure.

These claves, this being my third, are great in that they are no sales oriented. If anything, these guys will discourage you from buying stuff! They just do it for the love of the sport. Something to be said about that, especially nowadays in the world of commercialized fly fishing. Check out the next one if you have any sort of interest in spey casting (my secret inuendo is using the double hander for trout fishing, but shhh... don't tell anyone:smokin!)

I was playing with my new Canon G3 digital that I bought off MacRowdy (hmmm... was that such a good idea?), and took a cool photo. I attached it, just to show the camera that ownership had now officially changed hands, so no more macro with it! Thought I might share it with you guys...

Did anyone attend the Northwest Fly Casting Expo? How was it?


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Hmmmm, that dope pic looks like it was taken with a dope camera!!!!

Great Composition there tuffy!



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Composition as in: "Where you shot the photo from, what you kept in the viewfinder and what you didn't." No question regarding lining up of the rods! hahahah this is a spey clave we are talking about!

MAC :) hehehe:thumb

Tim Cottage

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Hey Mr.Rowdy
I saw your photos at the Washington State Fair in Monroe last month. I was there before the fair opened but after the photos were judged and placements awarded. I considered sending you a teaser and soliciting a bribe regarding your placement, before the public opening.
Just thought I'd let you know someone noticed.



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Hey that's good stuff! hahaha Yeah you should have let me bribe you a little. I think my best work got overlooked! :thumb


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