Yakima River Clean-up Days - October 2009

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
I found a mountain bike in the river near Umtanum today, but didn't have the ability to pull it out just yet. Tons of frisbees from "Let's Go Tubing" out of Leavenworth (believe they have a van and tubes at Umtanum). Lots of other junk - we'll have very visible results.

Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
This is a funny story!

I was rowing down just past Red's last weekend. I saw one of the Frisbees and decided to chase it down. I came close to the bank as I was hunting down the blue flash I saw every now and then. As almost a sign from god, My dad reaches down to get it and I notice the writing on the Frisbee. "Paddle!" it says, I look up and see a VERY dangerous low hanging tree, ( not a sweeper but close.) and I start to "Paddle!" my ass off!!! I made it out but I ended up Laughin' until I hurt inside after realizing what just happened!
Sorry fellas, but we are celebrating my wife's birthday on Oct 17-18. I offered to give her a trip down the Yak as a present, but no go...

Hope you guys have fun!

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