anyone fish by seabrook?

Rob Ast

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My wife booked a few nights at a rental in Seabrook (planned community just north of Moclips) next week. I know there is a small creek that runs into the ocean (elk creek). Anyone know if there are fish in the creek? Has anyone fished the beach in that area? Any other nearby waters worth hitting? Feel free to PM me if needed.



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I think there is a good run of coho in Copalis River, but I imagine it's a little later. Don't know. It's probably a snagfest anyway... Maybe a cast in there might find something.
Call or stop by the Humptulips Grocery. The owners are great and give good info. There is a good coho run in the Copalis but I think it is later. The best way to fish it is to drive from the north on the beach to the mouth. Maybe Cutts in the Joe's.