Steelhead Count @ the Bonneville

Jay Allyn

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Must be the recent rain? Notice the Chinook and the coho numbers rise at the same time. I bet it's a push of fresh fish due to the rains. Maybe the numbers are a good sign and predictor for other runs to come.
I believe the counts are correct for Bonneville Dam. Fished Drano Lake on 8/3 hooked 7 landed 6, on 8/6 hooked one landed one and fished 8/13 hooked 5 and landed 3. Half the fish landed were wild. I decided to try mini-leech patterns after reading recent posts on the forum. Steelhead seem to like them very well. Thanks for the input.


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No, AKPM, there are several hundred thousand sockeye that are predicted to head up the Columbia. There were several hundred thousand just headed to healthy run of sockeye in Lake Wenatchee.


Adult sockeye counts at Tumwater Dam (fish desinted for Lake Wenatchee in 2009 are around 16,000 fish, which provided a recreational sport fishery on Lake Wenatchee.

The same count at Wells Dam (fish bound for Osoyoos) is around 135,000.


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Put your wiener back in your pants boys.

Those numbers are deceptive and not indicative of the size of run this year. Those fish, including the Chinooks, (not a coincidence) were held up and all shot through in two days due to cool weather and rain.

Below average run this year, especially on the east side.
As of yesterday count was 426,000.
If anyone is interested, went over the Deschutes yesterday on I-84 and it lookes as if 1% milk was flowing out the D into the Columbia. Blown out big time.