Eastern WA

Elisha Gessele

I hump the wild to take it all in... - Ted Nugent
Now that's some real style! Great pic's, nice fire breathing! Guns, Whiskey,fly rods...we have alot in common...PM me when you make it over this way again.:thumb:
hey can i have photo 3 and 4... not the small ones but the full sized?

I would like them for a desktop theme !

thx if not i understand
e-mail them works.... warmo......pm for address!

lol almost posted!
haha they are lowering banks 30 feet same time of year this year. should be epic. there is camping at steamboat rock, and some free campsites on the other side of the lake if u u have a canoe or other boat. im goin out there with my float tube this summer for sure.

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