Eastern WA

Made a trip from the OP over to the east side last week with a friend of mine. Both our first time fishing the area.

Stopped at the yak outside Ellensburg and got destroyed by mosquitos. Bought bug spray shorty after.

Passed over the Columbia and and decided to camp at Four Feathers for the night and start early the next morning. Had some fun camping. Whiskey and lighter fluid.

Hit up Rocky Ford the next morning. I hooked 4 but didn't get anything to shore. All on a black bunny leech.

Drove up north and ways and stopped at Lenore. Too windy to attempt to fish so we kept on goin'.

Drove around banks and checked it out. Went back to Rocky Ford and camped there for the night. Woke up and fished a little. Hooked a few.

Drove up and fished Dry Falls for a bit. Super warm. Saw a few fish but no luck. Had no idea where we were going to stay that night so we just drove around for 5 hours through farmland. Ended up just going back to Rocky Ford for the night.

Fished banks the next morning. Got a few smallies. Fished Rocky that night and landed 3. Finally.

Headed back up to banks and set up camp and headed home mid-day the next day.

All in all a very fun trip. Huge change of pace from fishing the OP rivers and lakes.

Now for the good part. The pictures.















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Might be an old report but I approve.
Fucking ey!
Refreshing, beats the fashionistas.

Dustin Bise

reformed hot-spotter
I was trying to guess where on the OP you guys are from. Settled on Happy Valley (does it still exist?). There were a few long hairs up there in the 70's. Fun looking at the pictures. I noticed @Dustin Bise mentioned a lake by name :rolleyes:.
get over it... ;):D it was in 2011. Instagram was barely 6 months old and times have changed.

btw banks lake is guided so i dont think it even fits my personal criteria for hotspotting :)

id pay a lot of money to revert to 2011. this one was of the best reports to ever grace this website.

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