Dash Point 8/17 AM


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Fished from ~ 8:30-11:30, starting at what looked to be the max low tide or pretty close to it. Hooked 3, landed 2. Seemed to be doing about as well as anyone else at the State Park beach during that point in time, including boats. Fish seemed to be moving through in small groups - one or two fish visible jumping every now and then.

Having said that - I witnessed a couple of fly guys hook up just as I got to the water, then take off so...could have been much better before I arrived. Seems like just before or after I leave is when the bite turns on, so YMMV.

Tom Johnston

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I have been trying to figure out what part of the tide is best for pinks but I cant seem to get it figured out. Once I think I have a good idea I see someone or read some where that fish were caught in the opposite times Ive got pinned down! I think the BEST time to fish for pinks is in cloudy/dark conditions and you'll catch pinks. Ive fished incoming, outgoing, slack and they all have caught them.