Big Brown at Pass lake


Born to fish forced to work!
I thought i lost this camera and thought i would never be able to prove how nice of a brown i caught. Just thought i would post his and let you guys see. I caught him and the others a few years ago at night on pass lake. let me know what you guys think sorry for the pore quality of pics. I will be at pass lake from the 23rd to the 27th this month. Say hi if you out there.

Thx KC

Go Fish

Language, its a virus
Redcat, good to see that your spelling and
punctuation has improved from your previous
posts. Keep working at it.


Born to fish forced to work!
LOL well just to let you know i have a bad case of dyslexia. I am used to people that have a hard time understanding me. I guess am sorry. I can do everything else in the world just fine but spelling and writing is hell from me. The good news is that i can still fish just fine lol.


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I'm not going to be impressed until someone catches an otter at Pass lake.
Back when I was impressed with fish from Pass those fish would have impressed me.

Michael Thompson

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nice brown!
why is it that the guys with dyslexia are awesome fisherman? my best bud suffers from Dyslexia and can out fish the best of them... then again i have it as well and i suck. hmmm I have to rethink this one.

Jeff Dodd

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Redcat, That's a nice big Brown - glad you found your camera and thank you for sharing the pictures.

Equally as impressive is they way you handled Go Fish's reply to your post.

Nice fish Redcat and don,t worry about spelling half the world can't and the other half thinks they are english teachers. Have fun fishing pass look for me I will be in the wood drift boat...