When I hit the Lotto


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...I'm putting every rod, reel, line, flies, waders, goretex and fleece I own into a big trunk and ship it North for a season. Then I'm hitting Iceland, Ireland, England, Scotland, Scandinavia (with a long smoke break in Copenhagen), Russia...and I won't stop till I'm financially and physically too broke to go on.
anybody else dream these dreams?

If you could take a DH rod anywhere, where would you go and when?
Would love to fish and tour Kamchatka, South America, some of the great Steelhead rivers of BC. The UK is a double bonus because of the historic whiskey distilleries and breweries. Spey fishing and a scotch tour. :beer1:
Sell everything that you own and go NOW. Next thing that you know you have a wife, kids, morgage, kids college expenses, etc. Suddenly you're 55 years old thinking coulda, shoulda, woulda.


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actually, I'm pushing against 50 now and that's sort of what I'm doing!!:hmmm: you freaked me out a little there, wolverine--

hell, I've never even been to the Clearwater.
By the time I was about 40 I'd lived all my childhood dreams (seriously), but now I have a little midlife deal going with a whole NEW and expensive set of dreams...

I have given my wife strict instructions that if I show up at the house with a red miata convertible, she is to cut my throat in my sleep and put me out of our misery:p

driving up to PA and see the grandkids today, might sneak out for a couple hours to the Elwah or something


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It will be the young blond in the passenger seat of the Miata that will get your throat cut....

I would immediately set up a yearly migration pattern: northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. I would alternate years between Chile and Argentina from January to March and alternate years between Iceland/Scandanavia and Kamchatka/Alaska June to September. On the shoulders, I'll head to the tropics to harass bonefish, tarpon, sailfish, and dorado. Damn, that sounds good......

I think you missed New Zealand off the list, its on mine and i too am fast approaching the 50 year milestone.
Except living where i do i have done England,Scotland,Wales and Ireland, well hardly but i have fished on some of the rivers we have on offer.
I have ticked off Montana and Colorado, so where next British Columbia, or maybe warmer climes and bone fish, hell i must actually go and buy a lotto ticket this week.
I will admit I have been buying at least $4 worth of California Lottery tickets twice week since the the beginning. That's a minimum of $32 a month for the last, what, 24 years. Hmmm...32x12x24=$9,216.:eek:
If I could just win even a small one, I'll be caught up!:D And I AM going to win:beer2:

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I used to work with a woman that spent $50 a payday (every two weeks) for her entire career. She worked a long ass time, not sure how long the Florida Lottery has been around, but she spent that from the first week it was there. She also had the daily or more occasional scratch tickets and crap. She would win a bit here and there, but $100 a month, $1200 a year, $12,000 over the decade I knew her...plus the other daily stuff. No wonder her unemployed son lived with her, her place was run down, she drove a shitty geo metro that was falling apart and could never afford to do anything but work and sit at home.

If what I just described sounds a lot like you, put your money into fly rods or something else useful at least when you are broke you can go fish for food.


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I must say I have the same dreams of traveling the world to fish. But to this point in my life I still have yet to ever play the lotto. I dont think I'm ever going to hit the jackpot without playing, I also just cant justify taking money from my monthly rod/reel/GAS fund to play. So for now I will continue to purchase rods and other items I dont really need being I have most every weight rod made and a few doubles. But I'm still happy with what I have so it al works out in the end.


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Hey Short Bus.......this is a Spey related forum here, thus the double handed rod comment.

And yeah, its way cooler:):thumb::beer2::p



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The lotto won't help me. I have been lucky enough to have fished for steelhead from northern California to Alaska. Maybe a trip to Kamchatca if I were to win. What I would really like is to be able to go back in time about a hundred years and fish the Skagit with the gear I use today including the sled.

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