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Ed Call

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Who wants to tie up their favorite articulated baitfish, streamer, intruder or leech type pattern for a group of fly tying gatherers? I propose to you long fly flingers using stinger hooks and profiles that get noticed, be it in the salt water or fresh water, flowing or still, join this swap.

Proposed limit to twelve tyers so you get to tie a dozen of your big nasties.
Proposed face to face meeting date for the exchange of Friday October 2nd, early evening.
Proposed face to face meeting location near the Kingston or Bainbridge ferry terminals in a house of food and ale.

No permission needed to join, add your tag line to the thread. I will ask that you submit an idea of what you are tying so that we are no all tying a black egg sucking leech. I have been involved in a swap or two like this before and the variety and creativity has been utterly fantastic. Search the gallery and see for yourself. No certain level of skill required. If you are a pro and want in, get in. If you are a rookie and can tie something that will fish, get in. If don't want to get in but want to join us for a burger and beer, let us know that too.

If you want to tie, but can't foresee making the meeting you can let me know and I'll set you up with my mailing address. Maybe you can meet someone near you who can shuttle the flies.

Final details of all proposed items to follow once we fill 'er up.

1) Mumbles (some intruder/streamer pattern) DONE
2) Ben Waldschmidt (Cerise/Orange Intruder) DONE
3) Steve Saville - Currently on the Mend, he'll join us on the next go around
4) Matthew Gulbranson (black and blue articulated bunny madness) DONE
5) Banzai (TBD but it will be articu-nasty)
6) Kelvin (Sculpin-ticulated SRC/Bass slayer) DONE
7) Daconil (he'll be letting us know when inspiration hits him)
8) Mr. E (articulated purple X)
9) Chris Johnson (TBD)
10) Gary Dills (intruder style, black and something)
Thinking along these lines, but in pink and orange. Just whipped this bad-mama-jama up to try it out.


Ed Call

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Another of your fine Waddington examples, I'm glad you snuck me a few of those a while back. I think those will do fantastic in any of your preferred color schemes. We are gonna have to start calling you Ben Waddington!

Who else is in?

Ed Call

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TJ, Luke you guys tying or what? Looking to fill in a few of the Your Name Here spots!
Id love to get into a swap, but I doubt I could pull off articulated patterns right now.. they probably wouldnt be quality enough haha
Id love to get into a swap, but I doubt I could pull off articulated patterns right now.. they probably wouldnt be quality enough haha

Then join and tie something easy, it doesn't matter. I'm not tying anything difficult. Face to face swaps are awesome. I can foresee them as being the fly swap of the future (and of the now!):thumb:

Big E

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If this happens, I'll join for burgers and banter. Unfortunately with fishing and school, I won't be able to join in the swap.

Anyways, BTT.

Steve Saville

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I'd like in. Given that I will be very busy the month of September for school opening , put me in as a tentative and a Purple Articulated Bugger with two hooks. The front can be cut off at owner's discretion.

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