200 Fish Day!!!!

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Sea Run Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Perch, Coho, Chinook, Sculpin, English Sole, Starry Flounder, Surf Perch, Pen Point Gunnel, Pipe Fish, Greenling... a cast of hundreds!!! We did our annual beach seining research sampling the other day.


This is a great way for fishermen to learn about nearshore forage species...just sayin...

Is the BI Nearshore survey still rolling along?? I volunteered for a year or two and enjoyed every minute of it. The exhilaration of pulling in a seine net full of shiner perch numbering in the 100's turning to fear when you realize that you'll be counting a fair number of them. Great days spent on the water doing "real science".

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