St. Joe

Had a nice weekend on the St. Joe. So nice to fish the "spokane" river up where it is still good :) Landed 13 cutts in about 8 hours of fishing, all on a yellow hoper. Most fish were holding in water that was just shy of calm, 3-10 feet deep. Also, steam inlets where very productive. Saw a couple bull moose, bullfrogs, snakes, osprey, deer, and of course big fish held tight to the bottom and not budging in 20 foot deep holes :)
yea, they key was fishing the hard to reach locations! The further i got from easy access the better the fishing. After fishing the spokane a bunch this summer it really made me feel like i knew what i was doing! crowds wernt to bad, but i did get pinned upstream and downstream while fishing skookum. left shortly after.

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