Great Customer Service


AKA: Gregory Mine
Just wanted everyone to know what great service I just got from Action Optics. Three weeks ago while I was in Montana, I don't know how it happened, but both lenses somewhere on the Rock Creek shore popped out of my Lost River glasses. It could have been the best practicle joke played on me by one of my fishing partners, but I was alone. In one call to them, I sent back the frames just Monday and they called me today to ask me what it was I wanted to do. They also had no idea of why the lenses popped out as there was no damage to the frames anywhere. They said that more than one rep looked at them and couldn't figure it out. To make a long story short, they would have replaced them at no charge, but being as they don't make that model any longer as the glasses were 3 years old, they let me pick another model for $30.00 and shipping. That was half the price of a lense replacement if it was scratched or something. I should have my new glasses by next Wednesday. $30.00 to replace a 3 year old pair of glasses out of warranty, to me was a fantastic gesture. The customer service rep was very freindly, understanding, and took care of it without talking to anyone for approval. To me, beyond warranty coverage, and customer service like the kind I got will always make me stay with them. :thumb Greg

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