Reasonable cost spey reels?


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New 9 wt. switch rod for salmon en route, time for a new reel as well, only like for so many of us these days, gotta watch the budget, so...

Best Spey Reel for $200 or less?

Best Spey reel for $300 or less?

as always, thanks for any helpful feedback!!


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for a 9 wt switch, a Lamson V4 (check Sierra Outfitters or Madison River for clearance prices) or a Meiser S2H 7/9. 245 bucks, shipped from the Red Shed. Poppy'll fix you up
I'm sure there's others, but these two spring to mind right away.


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Saw some very positive reviews on the Lamson VelocityV4, just received a discount voucher from Sierra Trading Post, went to their website and bought the V4 for $164....think the stars algined and that is about as good a reel for the money as I will find.

Regarding what's important in a reel - think we would all agree a smooth drag and reliability. Funny how back in the day when I was on a real shoestring budget, I was able to bring to hand a fair number of double digit trout at Crane Prairie and Klamath lakes using a cheap little SA 5/6 reel.
If you are looking for a pawl drag reel many of the "classic" reels can be bought on ebay for the $$ you are talking. IMO one doesn't need a disk drag on a two hander steelhead.
Hey Surfnfish,
Scierra XDP 7/9 takes #7/9 WF9F + 130 yards 30 lbs, on sale at a store in Canada for $225.00 CND :eek:, i think there is only a couple left.
If you want one PM me and i will send the detail.
One of these Caps reels was on ebay about a week ago. The listing expired at $135 without a single bid. I don't know anything about them, but they are made in Japan and appear to be fully machined. They are obviously a Hardy knock off. For the price, I might be tempted to try one, but I'm a sucker for the classic click pawl style. Anyone know anything about them?
Anyone looking for a great bargain for a large capacity quality spey reel might want to check out Sierra Trading Post, currently offering Orvis MACH VI 10-13WT reels for $149, and the 7-10 models for $139. Not sure how you could find a better reel for that price...

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I also like the Orvis large arbor big game reels. Good drag and an oversized handle, which is nice for cold fingers or gloves.

Chukar Spey

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Haven't seen a vote for the Tioga's. Standard or Magnum 10 should handle the low end and a 12 Standard or Magnum would handle the upper end.

I you can find them for less then 200, but you gotta have your whits about you.

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