Winston Boron BII-MX 7123

I'm looking at buying a new Winston Boron Spey rod for my annual trip to the Bulkley this fall.

Considering buying the Boron BII-MX 7123 (7/8 weight).

I'll be throwing dries and tips, but worried that this rod might be a bit light for landing the larger fish (I hope to encounter!).

My alternative purchase is the Boron BIIx 8130 (8/9 weight). The Boron BIIx 7133 is unavailable to me at this time.

Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.



Oh, this is so good it just HAS to be fattening.
If you like the feel of the Winston, you might want to try an Anderson Custom Rod. The 1337 is about the nicest casting rod I've seen for a 7 weight and can handle the bigger fish. I cast the Winston and the ACR one right after another and they are both very similar in style and feel. Both great rods.

Here's a 60 lb Chinook on the Kahlum River in BC on the ACR 1337. (not me in the picture)


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