Newest, best drift boat?


JD, quite a few assumptions in that post of yours. Get a Clack or don't buy a boat at all? I have a Hyde w/G4 and Willie. They both have their purpose. Hit a rock sideways on the Snake last year which the G4 handled quite well. I don't want to know what would have happened had we been in any other glass boat.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yeah, I agree PT (think I mentioned that too). Used boats were like 11k. YIKES! I could buy a used Clack, Hyde, and a Willie for that. I'd rather go for the used. LOL.
Isn't a free market economy a great thing?! New product. New features. Priced at what the maker thinks the market will pay for their product. Love it!

I wish them all of the best.


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I'd love to get a review on Boulder Boat Works?

According to them, they have made fiberglass boats a thing of the past...obsolete. :hmmm:



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Pretty cool video. That is how this country was made; taking an idea that hadn't been done before and making it happen. The dude got sentimental talking about his ailing grandfather. Too bad he didn't live to see his grandson's dream become a reality.


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checked web site out and found 17 foot for under 6k:
The Hottest drift boat on the river! Starting at $5995.00
Buy Today @ $99/month OAC
that does not seem to bad................comparable to other drift boats. 17 on center line not along gunnel. so more like a 19 foot. best way to judge is go ride one. my three cents.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Oh? I looked at their boats for sale, must be there top of the line all bells and whistles go for the $17k MSRP. No, $6k isn't to bad.

Only problem, finding one to row. I don't know anyone who has one, and most haven't even heard of them.
Whats the best anything? Form always follows function. What type of water are you floating? I love to run my little 10'6 self bailing inflatable with a rowing frame because I run a lot of small rivers, large creaks, and high areas where the water is fast and narrow. If I was going to run a fast big river with major haystacks I would opt for a larger boat to get me to a nice spot to fish. A Hog Island would be ideal in big water rapids, but not if there was no bank in a canyon with a log across the river. Wood boats are so pretty. I love to see them on the river but I wouldn't run one where I fish. I like bouncing off rocks once in a wile and hiking my boat in on my head. The benefit, I don't have to worry about parking at a boat launch, I can fish all day and not see a soul, pick it up for an easy portage, and nobody spooked my holes a half hour ago. And If I hit a big boulder head on I can kick off of it and wrap around it easer than pontoon guys (who's boats might catch a boulder, fold or roll). Another thing I like about my little raft is I can run in shallow water looking for summer steelys 3 inches! All I can say its better than beaten brush to fish places most have only seen on maps.

My next boat: NRS Tributary self bailer and a new thicker frame total cost: around $2000

See what we were avoiding here:
Whats with the paint job on these puppies? I think they looked at some bass boats for ideas. wouldn't be caught on a river in a boat covered with glitter myself. At least the trout would know you were comin...
The doors seem ridiculous, I don't own a boat, but having rod storage has to be higher on the priority list for the average purchaser, wouldnt you think?

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I think rod storage could be integrated into one side of the boat as a trade off of that feature. I've never had any issues getting in a drift boat, but I have helped a bunch of folks that are very short legged, less agile, heavy or older to get into some. Does anyone actually have one of these that they could give a report of? Not like I'm looking for another boat (cue the divorce attorney) but I'd be lying if I said I was not looking at various drift boats to add to my driveway.