How about a Warm Water Species Forum?

Jay Burman

Fly Fisher, Bon Vivant, Layabout.
Well how about it?! How about a Warm Water Species Forum? We have forums for Stillwater, Photography, Hiking Camping Cooking, Watercraft, Spey etc. It seems only logical to have a warm water forum, especially during the summer months when trout fishing options are limited.:ray1:

Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
Jay, I don't think it will happen... Although it is a GREAT idea, All of the other suggestions for galleries and forums have not been approved by the big Scone! Just a thought...

Connor H
Chris, first you must crawl out of the Pumphouse. Seriously, the man has a point; My North Bend neph's get some nice bass (both type) in local waters. Smallies rock! So do the other species that shall remain unnamed.

Chris Scoones

Staff member
Done. Still have some threads to move over from the main forum from warm water species related topics of past, but that shouldn't take more than another day or two.


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