Dressing/preparing salmon?

Hopefully this is the right forum for this question, but anyways, i have a lot of salmon in my freezer, all filleted, I cooked some and the fish and had alot of slime still, but it turned out pretty good,(BTW, this my first time cooking fish)was wondering how to remove the slime and skin, or at least the slime or is cooking the fish with the skin and slime normal? Any input would be appreciated.


Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
I got two favorite ways to cook salmon.

1. Marinade in an oil based dressing of choice (i.e. Italian) for a few hours stirring occationaly.


2. Brush melted butter on fellet, add salt and pepper (or seasoning salt i.e. Johnny's) sprinkle with Tabasco Sauce ans lemon juice.


Cook both on top of a water soaked cedar plank on the bottom rack of the BBQ. The cedar will protect the fish from burning and will burn/smoke on the bottom giving a light smoke flavore to the fish. mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

Sides: steamed potaoes or vegitables in foil pouch on the BBQ and rolls.


Be the guide...
Go ahead and leave the skin on. You could use the fillet knife to remove it, but I think it helps hold in natural oils...

After the fish is thawed, simply rinse with cool water and pat dry with paper toils. That should take care of the slime.

I like to place it on foil, brush on some pure maple syrup, and BBQ or broil in the oven. I try to get a perfect crisp coating and tender moist meat inside. Melts in your mouth. Adding apple wood chips for smoke flavor helps too.


I like mine raw,, sliced thin with rice and wasabi:9 :9 :9 A little saki to was it down :beer1

Jerry Daschofsky

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here's my favorite.

First off, take a bunch and pressure cook it into canning jars. Skin, bones, and all. This disolves it all, and also cooks it to perfection. This does a couple things for you. It makes it easy to take off lid, and make salmon spread for sandwiches (instead of tuna) or mix it in with cream cheese for a dip.

But my BEST thing to do with the canned salmon is salmon patties.

Take a jar or two of canned salmon. Throw in a couple eggs, finely chopped onions, seasonings, breading (either crushed ritz, crackers, or actual breading) and mix all together. Make sure you add just enough breading to make it patty consistency.

Fry up in a pan and either eat plain, or add tarter. Could even put on hamburger buns. Growing up, we subsidized alot by catching salmon/steelhead, so this was a staple growing up. One of the few ways I never got sick of. We'd eat for a couple days off the leftover patties. Would put just in a lunch bag and eat with crackers. Brings back fond memories. Say it this way. We always make them for family get togethers, and they're always the first thing to go.