Tying the Radical Caddis

A LONG time "lurker" and first time poster here guys. I'm looking for some info on how to tie a Radical Caddis in the brown color. It's been my top caddis pattern this year and I thought i'd like to give it a shot in tying some up.....( and saving a few bucks LOL ) Only info i've come up with is that it's a new fly sold by Umpqua Feather Merchants. Here's a pic of the fly btw....just cant figure out how to "construct it" lol thanks everyone and tight lines!


Joe M.

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I'm not sure what the thorax is, but you could probably make something similar by melting mono. Then it looks to me like a couple wraps of partridge soft-hackle, a piece of crystal flash on each side, and then dubbing for the body, with a copper bead, all on either a heavy scud or glow bug hook. Good luck!

Ed Call

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That is a cool looking fly. I'd be interested in trying some if anyone comes across a pattern. Big E, good call on the epoxy covered beads. Do you think they are threaded onto that flash or cord or something? Slip on a bead. Tie in the cord/flash, thread a couple or three translucent yellow brown beads, epoxy, rotate then get to tying in the soft stuff?
Hey guys...thanks for the info in tying this pattern! my hooking percentage is awesome on this fly...unlike with other of my flies LOL I've been a tough one to switch over to "new" patterns like this but I must say it's just been crazy with the positive results i've had with the fly...of course like they say...if ya have confidence in a fly..........LOL

Big E

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Mumbles: If I were trying to tie it I would get some micro tubing, feed on three beads with the middle one larger than the two outside, put a dab on the last bead to hold them on then epoxy/knotsense around the beads. I would leave a bit of tubing exposed to then tie onto the hook. If the tubing is secured to the top of the hook, the body should then prop itself against the hook to extend properly.

Ed Call

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Damn Big E, if you were tying that sounds pretty sound to me. You don't tie...I think you do. Thanks for the info, I've got some funky beads that might make that pattern work.

Big E

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hrrmmm.....I suppose it does kinda look like an October Caddis...maybe a bit more brown is in order.

Dunno what the hatch is like here...do you get a lot of October Caddis or is the main hatch BWOs?
Hey Troutflynut. The fly is pretty easy to tie...From what I remember in seeing Rick Fox tie one up. He threads the glass beads on a piece of mono then burns the end into a ball with a match.....then he coats the beads with 5 minute epoxy. he turns the mono so it gets a nice tapered oval appearance. I must admit, it's one of the coolest and most productive fly patterns I've come across in ages. I've had fish just slam this thing during a heavy mayfly hatch where they're so keyed in on the BWO's. I'd say a pattern is awesome when it can break fish from a feeding pattern like that. LOL
Once you get the hang of just getting the epoxy on the beads and getting a nice even taper. The Radical Caddis is a pretty easy tie..I didn't know he burned the end of a piece of mono...I just thread the mono through a glass bead and loop it back through the "body beads"....How some of these guys come up with this stuff is beyond me. I'm with you MAtt on how well it works,,,I've had days on the Deschutes that were beyond incredible with this puppy.

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