building ten foot rowboat

My boatbuilding methods are my own ideas and probably unorthodox. I use epoxy and 3/16 thick okueme (sp) marine grade plywood. Chine is laminated alaska yellow cedar, ribs and seats are western red cedar, outer gunnel is old growth sitka spruce and the rest is old growth fir. The boat is 30 lbs lighter than the original boat I copied. 60-65 LBS vs 95LBS. I use it on lakes (large and small) and along shore in the salt (puget sound).
I'm new at posting pictures for show and tell so I hope this works. I will add more.

stern frame parts

bow parts

stern frame on jig

notch in stern frame for chine

glueing laminated chine with alaska yellow cedar (laminations were steamed and clamped into jig then left to set for a day before glueing)

cutting chine to fit stem

chine attached to stem

chine at stern frame

bevel the stem

checking chine after hand planing for flatness with wood straightedge

making scarf joint edges with hand plane on sides to get length required

gluing side on

bow stem and chine with one side glued on

gluing other side

stern frame, chine and side

clamping steamed gunnels (sitka spruce)

glueing gunnel

keel fin (cedar)

gluing bottom protectors (when thrown in back of pickup)

flipped over (time to remove user friendly jig)

to be continued.....

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