McDowell on Wednesday?


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I know it's pretty short notice but are any of you eastside guys up for a day on the lake? The weather is supposed to be nice with mostly sunny skies and a little cool. There should be a light breeze with more than a touch of fall in the air. I'll cruise over early and get started. Stop by if you can and bring flies! I have been too busy to tie this summer.

See you there, Ive

By the way, I'll be in the green Explorer at the upper landing. If there is more than one green Explorer then just look for a guy in cheap fleece toting a pellet gun..........
Ive, you are killing me. I wish I could join you. I will give you a hollar when I am able to come up, flies in hand (more than likely your patterns!).
I will probably only get one trip in before the end of the month when it closes, but I will try and give you as much notice as I can.
Take care and have fun.

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