A Fly Submission

Its been a while since I have been here and since I have been home... ( Black Diamond Area Home of the 2 MPH over the limit ticket)

Anyway, just some flies I have been tying up lately.

Some flies for a recent L.A. Marsh Trip... Prep For Albacore... And Some Sound Candy

Salmon Fishing Anyone? One of my favorite flies sent to me from a buddy from Seattle

I have issues...

Tube anyone....

Goo Bendback

Goo Head Deceiver

More Baitfish Im A Sucker..

Baitfish.... Farrar Blend Rainbow Color

Baitfish.... Flashy Fiber Blue and White

Baitfish Polar Minnow

Baitfish- Albie Candie Orvis Flash Purple

Baitfish - Orvis Flash Blue - Slinky Blend White

Baitfish - Fishy Fiber White

Spanker- Great fly for Albies when sipping, or Salmon - Standard Flashabou

Heat Seeker Redfish Toad W/ Rattle. lashed on the rattle with thread covered it with clear cure goo in order to protect it against oysters

Redfish Critter- Lots flash and a rattle is under all that flash

Redfish Critter- Lots flash and a rattle is under all that flash

Redfish Thing...

Goo Head Crawler... clear cure goo head, root beer ice chenille, latex tail

Goo Spoon... Dont ask... Its a pain, but it catches fish and is durable
( Tutorial To Follow If Anyone Is Interested )

Here is the Lot... Hope you approve.
Thanks all..

That Clear Cure Goo is some good stuff, Im going to be putting together a little review of all the common UV stuff soon, just have to wait for my knot sense to show up and the play by play will go up.

I havent used any of the Flex Tuffleye. Has anyone yet?


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Good looking flies and glue. I ordered some goo. Thick and thin and the light.
I tried to sell super glue back in the 1980s sometime. That venture never worked out
(Sandy's Superfly). But I did look into UV glue then too. At that time the glue wasn't as
good as it is now, so you needed a hotrod $600 dollar (electronics assembly) focused UV light to kick the glue off. Not only was that way too expensive, but the light was so intense it was dangerous. UV glue, the way it is now, looks like very good stuff.
Best possible set of attributes: long no hurry assembly time, and then you can
kick it off quickly when you're good and ready, with a low-intensity light source.
Couldn't ask for more.
Let me know what you think... I just got all my UV cure crap in so I am going to do a review sometime this week. It will be interesting if you and I come up with the same thoughts on the stuff...

I had a friend who looked into the UV cure products about 3 years before tuffleye... They passed on it too because at the time the Light would have cost $150 Wholesale and the core never cured fully.. needless to say... They didnt take the product.
UV Knot Sense, Clear Cure Goo & Tuffleye will all have a residue left behind after You have Cured them... A Paper Towel with Rubbing Alcohol will remove the residue.. Then you can coat it with Hard as Hull, Hard as nails.. Do Not use Loon's Hard head on the Clear Cure goo or Tuffleye.. it will not bond to either...
No I asked about that one, the tuffleye and loon lights operate on a different wavelength or spectrum, it will put a skin on the goo but wont cure it through. I have all the lights, so I tried this personally.

The good thing though is that it is not that expensive. Its $25 Dollars on the website or $40 for the kit. So its really not that much more than the Loon 3 LED light.

Bad news though if you already have the tuffleye or Loon lights.

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