Any one know of Hunter Ed courses going on?

I am super late on the Hunters Ed thing, just got busy and forgot about signing up for it.

Anyone know of one that isnt on wdfws website thats taking place soon?

Any help appreciated,

yeah either that or look on google, thats how i found mine, most local gun ranges will have them, i know when sportsmens warehouse was still a store they put on hunter ed classes, check it out.
I have looked and looked, contacted Kenmore and everything.. their all done for the season.

I really want to get out there this fall and winter, but all the classes pretty much ended at the end of September.

I emailed one range that offered them to see if they are still on, and trying to see if I can squeeze into a class that is "full", but it looks slim.. really a bummer

Anyone that might know of a "unknown" class that is taking place soon, it would be really helpful


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Try with the "Marysville Gun Club" (I think that is their name). I know they are running courses right now. They do it out at there range in the 7 lakes area.
I emailed them.

They are my last hope haha, The site said they have them through November but, it seemed dated back a few years so who knows


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You can also pay, I believe, 20 bucks and do a deferred year. All you need is a friend that has a license to sign for you. I think you must hunt with this person and not by yourself, which is the only draw back. I would only suggest this if you've hunted before, since there is a good reason behind this requirement. Lastly, if you're from another state and took a HE course there it qualifies here. I called Illinois DNR and asked for a copy of mine since I needed it for here...24-years later they still had record of it!

This program gives you a one year grace period on the HE course requirement.


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Washington's 2009 Big Game Pamphlet has information on Hunter Ed on page 75. It explains the one year deferral and it also has contact numbers for courses. There is also information about an online course to complete reqiured training. Good Luck

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Have you looked into the online course? You still have to do a 4 hour evaluation at a range, but you can do everything else online.