opening day duck and deer hunting

Going out all weekend Deer hunting! I can't wait. I've been packed and ready to go for 2 weeks. I love it. I've been hunting opening day since I was 12. Now 35.


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Zack- dont you know that the old retired guys will be showing up on tuesday to claim every halfway decent spot? ;)
I;m showing up friday to try to get the spot i want. I doubt I'll be the first guy there though.


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Hmmm...I've not decided. I'm hesitant since I'll be by my lonesome and half of Whatcom County will be on the three public places. I might just go to the release site since Saturday is odd, and maybe won't be as crazy with people out deer hunting and duck hunting?

Crazy time of year in the woods...deer hunters, bird hunters, mountain careful out there.
iagree yeah be safe guys! good luck! and yeah yeah all those old farts will be out there already but oh well ha maybe ill go out there friday afternoon after my buddy gets off school and camp out haha


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Ha. that was an easy 6 miles. we didnt even start at the bottom. I was just getting warmed up but felt bad for you guys and called it a day.
I know andrew's balls are in the wife's purse until mid nov but if you are interested in heading east let me know. i will be going almost every weekend.

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