Olympus camera problems! help....

Do you still have the Olympus Master 2 software CD? I have a Olympus Stylus 6000 camera, and that works great to upload pictures from camera to computer. VM.
Do you eject the card before unplugging it / the camera? If not, you should. Reformatting the drive might help too, though you'll loose your current pictures.


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You might also look into getting a card reader, they are cheap and I find that they have far fewer problems. also, every time you download images to your computer you should format the card rather than just deleting all the images on it. This gives more of a 'clean slate' so to say.

Do not just download something from the internet to recover the files. Make sure you are getting a legit program and not some 'finally fast' type adware/spyware crap.
Thanks for the responses....

myflysdown: I don't have the original software, I use a cord that connects my camera directly to the usb port on my computer.

Daryle Holmstrom - What kind of sotware do you have? I have found you can recover old photos with programs downloaded from the internet, but I didn't want to buy anything until I posted something on this site...

lx-88 - I usually just unplug the cord that is attached to my camera from the computer. You suggest ejecting the card first? I'll do that next time....
I use photo recovery that came bundled with PSP X2, nice little program but there are hand down programs that are better. And like Josh said a reader is the way to go.

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