Yellowstone River Wolves

I fished the Yellowstone River last week and I saw something that I had never dreamed of seeing before. As I was stumbling around in the brush trying to find a scarcely used trail, 2 wolves appeared before me about 25 feet away. I got really spooked and I guess they did too, cause they started running in the opposite direction as I ran towards the river where my buddy was fishing the middle. As I was crawling do to the bank, I yelled, "I saw 2 wolves", him, "What", "I just saw two wolves", him, "huh?", and it continued like this for 5 minutes until he finally understood and said, "wow", and seemed ever intent on catching his 100th whitefish for the day. It is awe inspiring to think of what you can see when you are fishing, ever single day is different but just as wonderful. Flyfishing seems to open your eye to the world and see nature as you have never seen it before, which is probably why I have been a flybum for the past 7 years.

Even the thousandsth trip to the same old familiar fished-out stream begins with renewed hope, with unfailing faith--Zane Grey
You were very, very lucky to see them. You must have had the wind in your favor and you must have been moving quietly. Wolves are normally one of the most spooky animals on this planet. Park Wolves may be different, though.
But what a cool sight, eh?
Bob, the No Wolves in the Tent, Please.:beer1
Way cool and very rare experience. Fishing in YNP from mid-September to the end of October is such a treat. Tons of animals doing what animals do in the fall, lots of fish stocking up for winter, big browns and rainbows running up the Madison into the Firehole. Fishing BWO's on the Firehole. Browns running out of Lewis and Shoshone Lakes smacking woolly buggers. Sunny days, freezing nights, snowy days and everything in between. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
That is a RARE sighting!
Its great to hear the wolves they re introduced must be thriving. I thing they only "stocked" em around '98??? I would imagine that is the hardest animal in the park to see!




God, I love fishing!
You have been touched by the angels. Remember that blessing when things just do not seem to be going right. You are lucky! Thanks for sharing that with us.


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Make your way to northern Minnesota and you'll see wolves pretty often, especially in the winter. And they would be natives, too- not the Yellowstone "stockers" ;) They are cool animals.
I went on a trip to Yellowstone in August and we heard wolves every night. Never saw any but did see tracks. We were chased off Slough Ck and had our camp trashed by a grizzly. It destroyed three tents, sleeping bags, and pads. Knocked our packs around but didn't get any food. The park closed down four sites in the third meadow and tried to trap it but were unsuccessful. They had some problems with that bear this year. I had bear spray, but I didn't feel to comfortable.


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A coworker of mine was just telling me the other day about seeing a pack of wolves chasing down an elk while fishing in Yellowstone a few years ago. The park wolves must be more visible than others.
Not to beat a dead horse but what a lucky experience, indeed! I worked in the park for about 5 months back in 2000 and saw everything there is to see there EXCEPT wolves. We saw a bunch of tracks in the upper Yellowstone (upstream of the lake) including pup tracks but no live animals. But I made up for missed animal sightings with fish caught! I'd kill to be there right now. Absolute best time of the year in the Park.


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Awesome story.; I had a similar experience last year. I was on Slough Creek last August with my now-wife and a huge gullywasher came over the ridge. We were out in the middle of the first meadow close to the big rock in the middle (about 1/4 mile from the forest edge for those that haven't been there) and she ran for the rock in the middle of the meadow, so I followed. The temp went from about 75 to about 60 in seconds; the rain was pelting us sideways from the stiff breeze. We were crouching against the rocklooking back at the forest, making ourselves small, and suddenly and we saw a group of deer trot down the path. About 60 seconds later I saw something else; gray, dog-like, ghosting in and out of the tree line following them. At first I assumed it was a fox, but then I remembered how large the deer were against the trees, and this thing was almost as big if not bigger, so I knew it had to be a wolf. We saw two more blitzing through the woods right on the meadow/forest line right behind the first one. I could literally feel the hair standing up on my neck; these three wolves covered the half mile of the meadow in what seemed like seconds, and shot into the woods after those deer. I have seen all manner of carnivores in the wild, but watching those creatures hunt gave new meaning to NOT being on the top of the food chain when out in the woods. Very cool; the only way we saw them was the 20 mph wind blowing straight at us.


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