Pattern the Dark Maggie

I've mentioned this Steelhead pattern before, but actually got around to restocking my Steelhead box so I figured folks might like to see it and tye some up..

The Dressing is as follows;

HOOK : Partridge "Bartlett Traditional" CS 10/1, sizes #1/0 thru #6

THREAD : Danville 6/0, Wine

TAG : Flat Gold Mylar, 3 wraps

TAIL : Blue Peacock Breast Feather, length same as Hook gape, maybe abit longer

BODY : Lagartun French Silk Floss, Burgundy

HACKLE :Blue Peacock Breast feather, tyed in by the tip and wrapped 3-4 times.

WING : Black Arctic Fox

Hey Ed/Mumbles.. here You go....:thumb:

DEAN ~~~

Ed Call

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Dean, thank you. That is a damn fine looking fly. No idea if the locals will bite on that but I'll be trying to find out soon.

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