My annual birthday visit to Chopaka


Idiot Savant
For the second year in a row I spent a day at Chopaka on my birthday. Mid-October there are few if any others on the lake. This year was no exception, I truly had the lake to myself. I headed to the cattails on the middle of the east side of the lake, my favorite feeding lane. I was shocked to see how the lake had dropped and the lane was almost in the shallows, not the best place for a full sink line and a mohair leech.

The lake did not let me down though, I adjusted my tactics and soon had my 6 weight taco'd big time. The fish turned out to be a thick 20 incher or so, a beauty for sure. The next one paled in comparison in size and fight. And it was to be my last fish to hand for the day. After a few more hours of short strikes and no fish, I had lunch and headed home.

I'm struck by the peace and quiet of these late season visits. Nailing a nice one every so often doesn't hurt either.

Did I mention the snow half way up the Chopaka grade....:clown:

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
What a great present: a private lake (figuratively) , big trout that take flies, decent nice weather. I want one just like it.

Happy Birthday.

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