A nice season on the lower Stilly this year.


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It was a good year for cutts on the lower Stilly for me this year. Lots of 10-12 inch fish, which makes next year nicer. And a good sprinkling of larger fish up the the upper teens. No twenty inch or better fish, yet anyway. If it drops and clears maybe, but it could well be game over with the coming rainy season and the clay silt from the upper South Fork. It would have been an excellent year if we didn't have all those humpies and all the people fishing for them. But I'm happy with it.


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I agree that the sea-run fishing was decent this year with average numbers of fish. In fact given the numbers of pinks I was surprised how well it held up during the season though as is normal during pink retrun years found that the fish tended to be bunched up with long stretches of apparent cutthroatless water. The trick as also was finding those bunches that weren't in the middle of the hordes of anglers targeting the pinks.

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Seeing that you are in Mount Vernon I would have fished the Skagit a little more on a pink year. From my experience on the bigger water, the cutts are less displaced by the humpies and can be found in more of the traditional cutthroat water. Also easier to dodge all the buzz bombs and snagging gear when there is more elbow room. The stilly gets the gauntlet effect where lines seem to go from one end to the other.

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I had a hard time locating the cutts this year. Probably because I am more shy of the humpy fisherman than the cutts are of the humpies. The upshot is that I landed a couple of real beauties and had one great afternoon last week by Cicero catching fish after fish on small mayflies.