Hall of fame


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I will drink a glass of whiskey for you tonight, and I owe you a bottle if we have chance to meet. Great information. Thank you!


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You don't owe me anything. However, if we do meet, and you do have a bottle laying about, I'm not above having a wee dram or two to go with friendly conversation.


How is CP doing? I used to run into him fairly regular above "G" creek or at "Boat Chaser". He is a great guy who is great fun to watch him work his way thru a run.


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He is doing great. Life has slowed his fishing down...family can kinda do that. However he remains as passionate as ever.



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Lets drop a couple more names.

Charlie Gearheart - I think Dec mentioned him in his book. Taught many how to fish for steelhead or at least filled in a lot of the blanks.

Brad Adrian - Likely introduced the 2 handed rod to several of the "legends".


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I remember them both. Didn't Charlie go back to Nashville? And Brad tied exquisite flies. Did he stay in the Navy?

This is gonna' turn into "what ever became of ole what's his name?"


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Not sure where/what Charlie is/doing except he is still making music. Heard he was back in the area a few months ago.

Brad retired from the Navy after 20 years of service and now makes his home in South Dakota.

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Kerry S for unofficial WFF Historian. If there is a Hall of Fame there must be a Historian of some type. FWIW as names have been added here they've mostly been unknown to me. I've looked up almost every one of them and found some interesting stuff. This has been a cool way to learn about some of the local origins of the two handed craft. Thanks for starting it, and thanks to all for keeping it going and positive.
I met Mr Charlie Gearheart on the Chapel run one day with my fishin partner - what a wonderful man - very nice and told some great stories. We must have sat there an hour

Goose Creek Symphony is his band -