21st Century Salmon and Steelhead Initiative

As there seems to be healthy ongoing discussions here regarding effective salmon and steelhead recovery efforts, I recommend looking at this link:


Download the the initiative and read it! I found it very enlightening.

On the forum there are many good ideas and suggestions of what to do and what not to do. I think if everyone had a grasp on what the state has planned for today until 2050, our discussions could have a greater impact. Lets not try to reinvent the wheel.

I have some questions regarding this initiative that I hope people here can address:

Is this whole effort flawed, all talk and no action?

Is Long Live the Kings the real deal? They seem to play a big role in these efforts.

After reading through quite a bit of it I started wondering how they know where they are and when the benchmarks will show... I am not convinced they can create a timeline that will catch all the nuances of a dynamic system... and completely ignore the Boldt decision...

And the really amusing "WDFW research is widely recognized for its scientific rigor, innovation and relevance" in 2020... Whom are they going to look to for recognition? When will they know they got to the party early?

Looks like more pretentious stuff from the desk of a dreamer.

But after too many years of dealing with bored goverment policy makers and putting their words in perspective for others I have become quite cynical. It looks like a cheerleader in a position of influence with someone saying "Yeah, whatever..."

When all you have is the hammer of "Rah Rah" everything looks like a nail.


Piscatorial Engineer
This document is a couple years old now. The troubling part is they have a 40 year horizon for any significant progress toward goals of recovery. That doesn't wash.