9'6" 6 wt blank

Anyone know where I can locate a reasonably priced 9'6" 6 wt blank? I recently broke the only one I had - a Loomis. They no longer make a 9'6" so they replaced it with a 9'. I like the 9'6" a lot better for float tube fishing. Any leads would be appreciated.


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There's plenty of reasonably priced blanks out there. A price range would narrow it down to specific models, but I would start looking at Rainshadow and Dan Craft. Both make very nice, reasonably priced blanks.


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If you're willing to go up to $230 then sage VT2 or Orvis TLS are available 9'6" 6wt 4 piece. Batson has the RX7 (one of the best deals in blanks) but it only comes in 2 piece.

Call DanCraft and they might be able to find one for you.

There are more options if you are willing to bump up to 10 foot.
The Dan Craft Sig V 6 wt is a fantastic rod, but is a true 6 wt not a 7 wt or whatever like many rods so the customer is impressed with how much line it will boom out.
20 ft, 30 ft, 60 ft and more it will do it all, and using all the different casts.

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