A little piece of Heaven

It's not a very noticeable ladder, more natural looking than most, but if you look closely from the bridge at the base of the falls towards river left (your right) you will see it. I was at racine yesterday looking downstream and it was nice to see the high water filling in those oxbows. Rods down to the folks involved with that project.
Oh, ok, thats right, it's more of a little step ladder right, just a few levels. Fish can make it up without it right?

When I heard ladder and falls I was wondering if they put a ladder in up at the big falls.
It's recognized as a "dead creek" without the BTC hatchery supplementation. Whether or not fish made it up before the "ladder" was installed and the flows from the lake were regulated... I don't know. Smalma?
Well from what I remember the ladder was between the footbridge and Dupont. I believe during a good flow fish could get past without the ladder, but I was fishing there in the late 80's so I might have CRS.


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There are a lot of guys fishing for chum below the foot bridge right now. I haven't seen any of them hook up in a long time. I don't think the fish are in yet. Chum can make it above the falls pretty easy due to the time of the year they come in but I didn't see many pinks make it above the fish ladder falls. If they get coho or steelhead in "holding pen" they truck them above the falls and release them...I guess that works.
Back when I was up there they would ship steelhead upstream. However I caught both steelhead and sea runs behind the police station, I assume they jumped the falls.

Are they still planting kings? I don't think there were pinks back then, and only a few coho.
There are still pinks in the creek, and the odd steelhead, I don't know if they still plant it. In any event, it's a testament to mother nature that it could rebound so quickly after such a devastating event! So tread lightly and with reverence.

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There were about two dozen fishing in the park yesterday, where the water from the falls meets the tidal pool. One salmon was being played and caught as I watched. I don't often fish there, in that mob scene, but it shows that salmon are or will be above the falls soon.