Eastern Washington pheasant report

I am happy to say after 2 killer winters in eastern Wa, there are still pockets that have a good population of pheasants and quail.

This week a buddy of mine and I hunted here in Eastern Wa with my not quite 2 year old german short hair male, Jake. In an area where we found few birds last year, we had about 30 flushes, each killed a limit and found a few quail to boot.

The thing I am most happy about is the progress Jake has made since last year. At not quite 2 years, he still has more bad days than good, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Nice dog

I have hunted three days this week (3pm to sun down is my typical hunt). I have shot six and missed four. I had a nice double yesterday where my dog locked up just short of a shallow draw. I walked in and four roosters came up. Bang! Bang! One of the five times this week I wished I had a third shot. We have seen alot more birds than last year without question.

You have a nice looking dog. What kind of cover do you hunt with your GSP?
Thanks guys for the kind words about Jake.
Fifafu I'm really more of a grouse and quail hunter, but I do enjoy hunting pheasants. I guess it's really how I was raised. My dad was about as avid a grouse hunter as I ever saw back in my home state of Ohio.
Most of the pheasants I bag are really killed by accident while quail hunting. I do some hunting on the Snake and along the Columbia rivers, and really anywhere there's a little water with some brush. I'm one of those guy's who explores those little blue lines in the desert for trout and more often than not come up with a spot to bird hunt rather than find a spot worth going back to fish.
I normally don't hunt this early in the season for pheasants, but my grouse season was maybe the worse I've had in 40 years of hunting, and I felt I needed to get Jake on some birds. I don't expect to find birds like we've found this week all season '' we had a another good day today'' we've hunted only my best pheasant spots so far.
Over all our numbers on pheasant's over here are still lower than they were 3 or 4 years ago, but I feel the number of birds this year is higher than last year. Let's hope that's a trend that will continue.



I hunt light CRP around Prescott. My dog is a long running pointing machine. She came with big papers and I was told to have her trained but I went the opposite direction. I only taught her to come when called (or beeped)and to "wait" which is my version of "whoa". I would let her go and she would range hundreds of yards in open ground but always checking back and never putting up birds. When should would detect a bird should would stop, stand and wait. I would walk to her (never run as the birds would flush early) and when I arrive she will go from relaxed waiting position to quivering point in about three steps. If the bird moved she will run out side ways loop thirty yards around and reposition on point. People would say "how did you train her to do that?" my reply would always be "I stayed out of her way".

I hunt cover that only long running pointers have a decent chance. I could probably shoot more hunting heavy cover but I enjoy watching my dog work the vast open range.

Good luck guys let me know how it's going.

Upton O

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I love it when guys post hunting reports and the focus is their enjoyment with watching their dogs work. When I think about my hunting this year I immediately recall the dog working on the birds.

Great report and photos, guys.

Also glad to hear there are a few pockets of good pheasant hunting in the state.


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Nice looking dog. I had a female GSP looked just like yours. She was a fantastic hunter.
Great that you are getting into pheasant. Have shot a few on the Rez and have gotten into a lot of quail this year and grouse too. In Yakima County. Hope to make it out in E Washington this year for pheasant. I feel the same about watching the dog work and tend to hunt more open areas because of this.
Thanks for sharing.

Rick Todd

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Great reports guys! It is hard in the fall to do everything you would want to do. I was on the Klickatat for two days of steelhead fishing-all 6 guys caught 1 or more and had a great time at Red's Fly Camp! I also saw a lot of wild turkeys (note to self for the spring!) If I didn't have a dog, I wouldn't hunt birds anymore. Here is my baby! Rick

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