Your Typical Yak Report from Friday

Hit the lower canyon on Friday. Landed 8+ and numerous LDR's. There was good cloud cover in the morning which brought the BWO's out around 1pm. The hatch has been pretty consistent over the past month as long as there is cloud cover, however usually it seems like I was only catching the 8-12" variety on the dries during the hatch. This time I was able to get a couple 16" to rise to a #18 BWO, a lot of fun on the 4 wt. Also had some success in the morning nymphing with a Pat's and PT dropper (almost all the takes were on the PT). Strikes were very subtle. Later in the afternoon when the wind kicked up, I switched to chucking streamers and caught another nice rainbow. All and all, a much needed great day of fishing after a long week at work. Only saw a few other people on the water and the construction on I-90 is finished, so no annoying delays on the way home.
To be honest, my entomology skills are still in the beginner phase. They all looked like BWO's to me, but there could have been others mixed in there as well.

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