Chico Creek

I want to give A and K Shellfish and the Poggie Club two thumbs up and a 0 out of 10 on the placement of the new shit house at Chico Creek. The Porta Potty could not have been put in a better spot. Did anyone think how easily it could dump all it's raw sewage into the creek. If someone where to hit that with their vehicle the whole shitter would end up in the creek, right into the main pool below the culvert. If the creek flooded like it did in Dec of 2007 the bathroom would end up somewhere by the Bremerton Yacht Club. Plus it was put right on top (not near) the trailhead going down to the estuary. I couldn't see the county saying it was ok to put it where it is? It's not that hard to figure out... Well I guess for some, it is.

Ed Call

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Where did everyone piss and shit when the porta potty was not there? No where below the street level is out of the flood plain. It is far more plausible for the crapper to wash away down below than where it is. You are spot on about being hit by a vehicle though. I guess you get what you pay for.

Did you see and/or catch any fish or did the sight of the plastic outhouse turn you away from your trip intention?
I'm not sure where everyone else went but I knew that was an issue before I got there, so made adjustments. Putting the shitter down lower is an even worse idea. I never implied that it should be put down there. There is room in a few spots on the other side of the road on either side of the creek it could go, where it would be father away from the creek. Even the biologist who frequents there a lot agreed it was in a very bad location. In fact, he pointed out a spot where Johnny Crapper would be better . His idea- get a bunch of people together pick up Johnny and move him across the street to what he thought was a more eco friendly location.
The reason I blame A and K Shellfish- well they left a note posted on the side of the shitter and inside saying they were the providers. The Poggie Club I blame because I was down there the morning the shitter was being put in and two members from the Poggie Club were trying without much success to level the thing.
Oh and Mumbles it's like surfing (even a crowded spot) unless you were out w/ me you'd never know? I have one person I fly fish with who I might actually call and give a report too- and I don't even like him that much. You Mumbles have a cavalry to call and I can't have that...

Ed Call

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Fair enough Mark, keeping intel reports to ones self is to be respected. A majority of the time when I can get out to fish I'm by myself. I might run into other folks, but actually planning and fishing with them is a less frequent, yet highly enjoyed treat. I'm glad you got out, and I'm glad they've put a shitter at that overused location, even if they could have placed it in a better spot.

Go Fish

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Its nice that A and K Shellfish provided a crapper at
that location. Those things are not cheap to rent and
at least an effort was made. I'm glad you didn't give a
report on this secret location. We don't want anyone
finding out about that place.

WHOA- WHOA- WHOA- I'm gonna chop this snake's head off right now. I never said, nor implied that chico creek was a secret frickin' location. You think this is the first season I've fished there? It was GoFish who first mentioned the two words "secret location". As mumbles said chico is an "overused location" and your exactly right there Mumbles. So when up I get up at the ass crack of dawn almost every day and drive to chico so I can get maybe a few epic sessions in by myself or w/ a few others in the season- I'm not going to blab about it. Especially when it is so popular and so easy to get too.

Ed Call

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I'm with you on the location Mark, no secret. I'm sure GoFish was joking. I agree with you, it is nice when you can find some quite time or solitude there. I've fished it many years and when those days happen that you are there earlier or later than everyone else it is a nice thing. Back to your origional post, I'm hoping it was a good outing for you.