Swap Spey and Dee fly swap

Hi Borderfly,

How'z about an update with who has their assignments turned in, are we there yet?
Damn Skagit is closing in less than a month and I'm getting antsy (probably should just give it up.....) bawling:
Tough on us swingers....


Border, I sent my flies out last week and in my sleep deprived state, i totally boned your address up and they came back to me on Friday. They are going back out today, so you should get them in the next couple of days. Sorry for the long delay guys!!!! I feel terrible about holding everything up....
Don't beat yourself up too much there superdad, sounds like your priorities are straight to me.
Just glad you managed to get a little tying in between naps, work, etc.

Take care,

So the word is that flies are in for the following folks:

Chris Johnson
Eric Tarcha
Jake Bannon
and slippery whippet

Still waiting on:
Daconil -- bowed out
Whit -- sent
Daryle Holmstrom --??
Clint F -- sent
and Mumbles -- bowed out

Come on boys, slow but sure wins the day!
Seems my flies have been lost in transit. Waiting on some response from Border before I tie another set and send it out.
still got two people with flies sent quite a while ago and no response from border. anyone have some personal contact with him that can relay information?

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