Pattern AJ Steelhead Iron Hooks


For him there whould always be the riddle of steel
Looking @ this hook online, I want to tie up my take on some classic streamer patterns like the GBS, Coal Car & RC bucktail in a bigger size than used on trout for some steelhead swinging on the OP

I love the look of this hook.... but, I am on the right one for my application, plus I don't know the sizing on the 3, 5 & 7 hooks as I have yet to see them in hand.

Anyone want to chime in ?

Well the AJ's are more of a Spey hook and Harwings in the smaller sizes. If your going to tie Streamers check out the Mustad #3665A 3x long . A great Streamer hook. Also Carrie Stevens streamer hooks really long 10x long I think. The AJ's are a great hook and love tying Spey's on them, Great proportions and Curve. Hope it helps,

AJ hooks are okay for all around use . I will tie hairwings and steelhead softhackles on the Steelhead Irons from #5 and smaller . I don't like the profile of the #3 and #1.5 (my opinion) . For tying speys , I will use the #2051's ... longer shank and standard wire ... smoother lines . However I did have an issue recently with a 2051 size #3 :

Result was the fish feeding me my dinner back .... nice fish too , from what I saw and felt .

Nic is bang-on about the streamer hooks in my opinion :thumb: