Centerpin rod/reel fly fishing.

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Back to the topic at hand, "not that there is anything wrong with that is heard in 2 situations.
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2. after "You might as well pull out a spinning rod"
What is all of this centrepin hype about? Is it the float fishing aspect of it or just the single action reel? I am from B.C. and people have been doing it up here forever, both with centrepins and levelwinds. I'd say that 90% of steelheading done up here is done with a float, because it works really well.


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There is one thing about fly fishing that bugs me: the stigma that other methods are superior and/or more sporting. I call BS. It may not be you in particular but I have seen it over and over again: Some holier-than-thou fly fisher gives a person fishing gear a hard time.

I love seeing and catching fish. For the most part, I use whichever method I enjoy the most and/or whichever method I feel will give me the best chance at catching a fish. With trout, that is essentially 100% of the time. With steelhead, I gear fish a lot. And I don't apologize for it one bit. I prefer the feel of the take rather than the visual aspect of the float moving, suggesting a fish (or rock) has intercepted the fly. The only exception about the visual aspect would be fishing dries where you see the fish on the surface. Therefore, I often fish on the swing, whether it is flies or gear more than a indicator/bobber/float (whatever you want to call it). However, there is no disputing that float fishing works. And I occasionally do it as part of my fishing experience.

Be honest folks. If you think you are a more ethical, better, or a more refined angler because you "fly fish" for steelhead with a fly rod, reel, floating fly line, indicator, split shot, and two "flies", (one being an egg) just so you can say you are fly fishing, then you may have missed the point. Yeah, sure you may be legally fly fishing (unless you are in Oregon). But you may be better off using a jig and bobber or heaven forbid, a center pin float rod and face the scorn and ridicule of the so called fly fisher. Rather than turn your nose up at fellow angler fishing an inferior method (gear), he/she should be your ally, as you both are pursuing an equally-shared passion. And that person may have been or may in the future, be very instrumental in advocating your privilege to fish.

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
I would fish my pin over nymph fish with a fly rod anyday. Ive caught fish doing both and I enjoy pinning way more than far as winter steelhead go. If Im gonna fly fish, then Im gonna swing. As far as BDD's post goes...amen.

I will never forget, years ago fishing at Lake Lenore, I was slowly stripping in a chronomid. There were a bunch of guys sitting there with there flies under their indicators. I made the comment that it looked lik they were fishing with a bobber and worm. I got some serious dirty looks.

I love fishing, period. I have been fly fishing for about 25 years, but I also use gear. Not as often, but sometimes gear is the best option.

I first experienced using a centerpin reel mooching for salmon in Puget Sound with my dad in the 70's. I remember driving around Victoria with him looking for an Alvey reel because you could not find them in the states.

If you fish ethically and respect the resources its all good!
I think it takes more skill to land fish on a pin reel ,than any fly reel .

Depending on the reel , you may , or may not have a reel with a "drag"on it . Mine , a JW Youngs Purist does not . It does have a very weak clicker , but it won`t prevent an over-run if you slip up while fighting a fish . You learn , in a hurry , how to properly palm the reel .
I take your point! First 'trip,' as in off to the grass area across from the house to 'lean how/practice' UGULY, TRULY UGLY!!bawling:bawling: Longest cast I could get? Maybe 30 foot and at a 90 degree angle from the end of the rod tip (think just up-stream from your feet:beathead:)

Soooo, what's wrong with this picture? Change end gear, float, weights, then to the store to strip off the 30# P-line Hydrofloat and swap out to 20#. Back the the change this, change that and ZIP!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Now, if back in the very early '80's I could read a book and re-learn how to cast a 2-hander with 30 minutes on the river ........ these center pins are a whole new game plan.




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Personally I don't care how anyone else fishes. But what amazes me is that people come to a site titled Washington Fly Fishing posting pics,talking about how a differant method of fishing is the best or the hottest way to fish. They then proceed to get their shorts in a wad when people on a fly fishing site give them shit?? Hell some of the replies even state that pin fishing is not fly fishing! I don't get it!

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