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Hey guys, Its that time of year to start tying up big nasty flies. Im thinking 12 tiers including me, and make sure they are at my place by december 4th. that will give me time to seperate the flies and send them out of over the weekend. I think the only rules im going with is that the flies have to be something big, not traditionally little flies. so either something articulated like an intruder or marabou, or some big spey fly. and anybody that doesnt deliver theres in time will just be sent back. Ill post my address later but be sure to include return postage.

Not sure what ill tie yet but either a whore house special or some type of intruder.

1. Arthur Vakulchik - Whore House Special
2. Clint F - Candy Caine
3. Eric Tarcha -
4. Whit -
5. Daconil -
6. Borderfly -
7. Mumbles - Intruder
8. Matthew Gulbranson - Black & Blue "madness"
9. Slippery Whippet - Skagit Minnow
10 Ben Waldschmidt - Keens Magic Series
11. Docspratly -

If Bold then recieved
Great guys! Cant wait to see your flies. And I think im gonna move that due date up a week to the 4th of december. If there are any oppositions then state them.


Ed Call

Long Lost Member
WFF Supporter
Why not, count me in for an intruder pattern of "chicken" like proportions.
Havnt been able to start my ties yet sinse im completely out of just about everything but i want to give people an idead of what im tying. its in this video at the 3min mark.



Matthew Gulbranson

Resident Swinger
The 'whore house special', love it aurthur! And thanks for the porn! That stuff will drive one crazy!! It just makes me want some steel that much more, which is a very dangerous thing. Kind of reminds me of the Warren Miller movie to kick off ski season, but for steelheaders :)

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